Swim Lessons Raleigh, Laura Gould


Permission Form & Liability Release

I, the undersigned, is enrolling my child with the Swim Lessons Raleigh, dba SwimLessonsRaleigh.com

I understand and acknowledge that any person attending any lesson, practice or meet and using the
facilities does so at their own risk. Swim Lessons Raleigh dba SwimLessonsRaleigh.com, Laura Gould, coaches and agents and any or all affiliated entities shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever arising from any personal injury or property loss sustained by the swimmer and family in or about any programs or your families on any premises.

I, the enrolled participant and/or the parent/guardian of the participant, agree and understand that
swimming is a hazardous activity. I recognize that there are risks inherent in the sport of swimming,
including but not limited to, paralyzing injuries and death. The participant hereby agrees to participate in the swim lessons/swim team/swim activities at any/all Swim Lessons Raleigh locations.

Fully and forever and hereby agrees to indemnify against hold harmless Swim Lessons Raleigh,
 their officers, directors, agents,
employees, coaches, 1099 contractors, against any liability resulting from any injury that may occur to the participant while participating in the swim lessons/swim team.

I do hereby fully and forever release, discharge and hold harmless Swim Lessons Raleigh dba
SwimLessonsRaleigh.com, Laura Gould, all associated facilities, and its directors, owners, coaches, members and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of action, present or future resulting from or arising out of any person's participation in any programs or use of its facilities.

The participant also agrees to indemnify Swim Lessons Raleigh for any damages incurred arising from claims, demand, action or cause of action by the participant.

The participant authorizes, any representative of Swim Lessons Raleigh to have the participant treated in any medical emergency during their participation in the swim lessons/swim team. Further, the participant and/or parent/legal guardian agrees to pay all costs associated with medical care and transportation for the participant.

Consent - I, the undersigned parent/guardian of the participant do hereby grant the staff of Swim Lessons Raleigh dba SwimLessonRaleigh.com, Laura Gould the authority to render judgment concerning calling for medical assistance in the event of an accident or illness.


_____________________________ Signature of Parent or Guardian

______________________________ Child’s Name & Birthdate

______________________________ Child’s Name & Birthdate

______________ ________________Date & Email address



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Online Scheduling, Payments, and Forms

Please select the DAY AND TIME that works best for you, the first day of the month you are swimming in. YOU RESERVE YOUR DAY FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH AND COMMIT TO FOUR LESSONS.

Follow the link REGISTER NOW!  to the pool schedule. Sign In (top right). Create a new user account- Enter your personal information for contact purposes and submit your online waiver forms. Once registered and signed in, you can "Create Booking" to reserve your monthly class dates and time.

Click on the blue box that does not have lines through it to book. On the schedule page, look for the first available date/time in the month.

The schedule will force you to book all remaining lessons in the month. We just require payment by the month,  for the 4 weekly lessons. Please note there is a 24-hour advance restriction on all schedules. Call us for exceptions to this.

Enter your student's name(s).  Enter two children's names but select quantity (1) and create a booking for a private or family private.

Then process payment by invoice from LAURA GOULD. I will send you an invoice by email, just pay it immediately and you are registered. Once payment is completed you will receive a lesson confirmation from us and your lessons will appear on the master schedule.

Reminders are emailed 24 hours before each lesson. Costs do not allow us Make-up lessons unless a sick instructor, pool malfunction or Weather interruption exists. We just ask you to register for 4 spots during one month.  


Each participant must bring a signed waiver form from pool and Swim Lessons Raleigh

to their instructor before starting lessons.